I'd like to be considered for election to the Board of the GNOME

Most recent GNOME involvement
These last six months, I have devoted a lot of my time to helping with
the creation of the GNOME Foundation and have coordinated that effort. 
So far, it seems that most people are comfortable with the direction in
which the GNOME Foundation is evolving.  I believe that I have played an
important role in helping to design a governance model for GNOME that
will keep decision-making authority for GNOME where it belongs: with the
maintainers and hackers of the different modules.  And I believe the
Foundation strikes a good balance between having decision-making
authority lay with its board, while also providing a way for companies
that want to join GNOME to be able to participate in conversations,
through the Advisory Board.  

How I would contribute
I believe that it's critically important for the success of GNOME that
we make the GNOME Foundation really effective, and I'd like to continue
to play a role in that as a board member.  Things that I bring to the
table include:
- My effort would be focused on process: making sure that the foundation
works properly, that meetings are effective, that important issues are
addressed. Somebody needs to focus on this stuff, and since I'm not a
hacker, I can give this my full attention.
- I have lots of experience with helping to organize community efforts
(this is my 4th endeavor) and my legal training comes in handy at times.
- I like to think I help build consensus.
- Decent task-master.
- Good at bringing corporate partners on in a way that doesn't comprise
our integrity as a free software endeavor.  

While I have a stake in the success of Eazel, my work on the
Foundation's Board of Directors would not be as a representative of that
company, but to benefit the entire GNOME community.  I believe that I
have demonstrated my ability to work as an impartial problem-solver.

Background & Involvement with GNOME
I got involved with GNOME in April of '99 when I helped create Eazel. 
Before that, I moved to California from Belgium, obtained a law degree
and started a community computer center that's become a model for making
sure low-income communities don't get left behind in the information age
(  So I have a passion for ensuring that the
information age will offer justice, opportunity and freedom to all
people. My bio is at  

I helped make the introductions with the leaders of GNOME and helped
develop Eazel's strategy for joining the GNOME project.  In my opinon,
one of the company's most significant accomplishments to date has been
the respectful manner in which it has joined the GNOME community and in
which it continues to be part of the community, and I like to think that
I played a role in that.  


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