In the grand tradition of self-ego-stroking I wish to nominate self for the
foundation board elections.


  * I'm a co-maintainer of gnome-core/applets, I'm also listed in the
    MAINTAINERS files of several other modules which I don't all remember,
    and thus have an interest in the decision process for the future
    directions of gnome.

  * Things I've at one point hacked on at least a little bit or still hack on
    are (in no particular order): gnome-libs, gnome-core, gnome-applets,
    gnome-utils, gob, pong, grapevine, gconf, nautilus, gnome-vfs, crescendo,
    dr-genius, and some I've forgotten I bet ...

  * As one of the "maintainers" of gnome-libs HEAD, I have a strong interest
    in what happens with GNOME 2.0 and what direction does it take.

  * I've been with the GNOME project since about the fall of '97 (not from
    the absolute start, but close enough:).  I have worked on GNOME
    continuously since then (except for time spent sleeping, eating, drinking
    beer, school, and occasionally attempting to have a life).

  * I'm an extreme free software bigot.  While this is not good in many other
    areas of life, I think it would help out in this position.

  * I heard that a seat on the board would get me babes.

Well, actually I really hate saying good subjective things about myself, so I
won't.  If by some chance I've actually done something good, or if I've
managed to be good at something, I guess it's for others to judge and not me,
I'm very biased and un-objective in any such judgement.  I'm however quite OK
with saying bad subjective things about myself, so I won't, because then I
bet I wouldn't get elected.


George <jirka 5z com>
   A good memory is needed after one has lied.
                       -- Pierre Corneille

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