Re: should candidates be foundation members.

I for one think that GNOME foundation board candidates should be
Foundation members, especially since the qualifications for membership
is so easily meet
that is shouldn't be a problem for people wanting to become board
members to become members of the foundation.
For instance it should be no problem however for Bruce to become a
member, since GNOME advocacy has been the membership basis of some of
the current members, myself included.

Another issue I think needs to be discussed however is company
representation. Both from seeing Miguel mail regarding his choice for
candidates and Maciej's candidacy mail, it struck me that being able to
represent companies was used as an argument. Personally I feel we should
try to keep company interests out of these elections since if we start
to choose the board based on company affiliations I feel we undermine
the position of the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board and also the company
independence of the GNOME Foundation board.

Personally I feel that it should be made very clear that when people
like Miguel and Maciej are elected to the board, which I think both of
them should be, it is
because if their contributions and positions in the GNOME community not
as representatives of their companies.


> Seeing Bruce's nomination email brought up a question: should foundation
> board candidates be foundation members?
> Taking a quick look over the charter document, I couldn't see anything
> that said candidates must be foundation members.  What is the normal
> procedure for things like this?  Do most organisations like the gnome
> foundation allow non-member candidates?  It might be a good idea to make
> it explicit in the charter whether this is ok.
> (Bruce: I am not against your nomination -- I just want to clarify the
> wording in the charter).
> James.
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