The Board.

Hello guys,

   Well, slate or no slate.  If I had to work with a team of people to
bring GNOME forward, I would like and enjoy working with these people:

	  * Elliot Lee, because he was there since the beginning, and was
	    is a long term GNOME strategist.
	  * Bart Decrem, representing Eazel.
	  * Andy Hertzfeld or Bud Tribble from Eazel.
	  * John Heard or Marco Boerries, representing Sun/StarOffice.
	  * Havoc, Red Hat/voice of reason.
	  * Owen Taylor, Red Hat/voice of reason.
	  * Alan Cox, Long term GNOME supporter/voice of reason.
	  * Daniel Veillard, long term GNOME supporter.
	  * Dan Mueth, Documentation Team.
	  * Kjartan, Translations Team.
	  * Arnaud/James, for the language bindings team.
	  * Raph Levien, voice of reason.
	  * Joe Shaw, Helix Code, another voice of reason.
	  * Nat Friedman, but I doubt he would like to be here due to
	    other obligations.
	  * Chema: because of his involvement with all the printer
	  * Tim Janik, because he is another voice of good taste.
	  * Michael Meeks and Jody Goldberg: the Gnumeric hackers I have
	    enjoyed working with for so long.
	  * Martin Baulig, another long term GNOME developer.
	  * Tuomas Kuosmanen, because he defined large parts of the
	    GNOME "look"
	  * Ralf Hoffman and Torsten Schulz have provided a lot of
	    real life input on issues surrounding Bonobo and they are
	    part of the StarOffice team that is looking into new

   This is not a comprehensive list, but it is a list of people I have
always enjoyed working and discussing things with in the past and that
pop up to my mind.  

Best wishes,

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