Re: changed charter, new elections proposal

wow - that was a passionate plea for using a mailing list.  you just
convinced me.  thanks!


Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> Bart wrote:
> > I think this is a fairly theoretical issue.  There may be one or two
> > people who don't have access to the web, and if one of those two people
> > wants to nominate themself for the board, they can send email to
> >
> I think there's a lot more people than you think. Having lived on a
> 28.8 modem for so long (and when we got it, -that- was an improvement
> on the prior situation) I can guarantee you that you get really damn
> picky about which web pages you visit at that speed.
> We now have cable modem, and it is about eight to ten times faster.
> I am still -reeling- from the speed of the web now. I am used to 2.5k/s,
> not 20k/s! Suddenly, Gnotices is usable in Netscape and not just Lynx.
> (Or it would be, if Alan hadn't gone and proxied out all cookies, blast
> him :) (Memo to self: fix cookies so can use bugzilla again...)) And ditto
> for -- and just
> appears like magic.
> It's not a question of "don't have access"; it's more "access is really
> slow and it is going to take me quarter of an hour to read comments
> before posting". You end up doing a round-up of "horrible but necessary"
> sites once a week, and finding you miss something (like 24-hour voting
> periods on slates, which I have just discovered I missed whilst moving
> house, a discovery of less than unalloyed joy). If you miss that once
> a week round-up, you miss the chance to vote in that current plan, if
> my understanding of the archives is right.
> What happens if you're away from your normal machine during a voting
> period, btw, and that machine is evilly firewalled so you can't get
> in to send your vote in? Your tough luck for picking that week to be
> away?
> Telsa
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