Re: What is GNOME office?

Sam TH <sam uchicago edu> writes:
> Given this (which is clearly the correct decision) maybe the board could
> suggest that some members of the advisory board and the pr team not act 
> as if the decsion had already been made.  I'm thinking here of documents
> like

I think the board should discuss asking Sun to change this. John Heard
isn't going to be at next week's meeting; I would suggest we put this
on the agenda for the week after that, which would be Nov. 28 I
believe. Unless Thanksgiving gets in the way there somewhere.
I'm thinking the agenda for that meeting should be a) get an initial
sense of where Sun stands on this from John Heard and b) officially
decide to delay the issue for several months, until GNOME 1.4,
OpenOffice 6.0, and AbiWord 1.0 are out, approximately. Then based on
a) we can be thinking about it over the next few months, and we can
move forward from there.


This was deliberately vague. It just says "we will use OpenOffice
somehow as technically appropriate." We made it very clear to Sun at
the time that that's all we were committing to. We had a big argument
about the language and I think Bart or Miguel or someone came up with
"adopt for integration into" as a suitably meaningless phrase. ;-)

> How about we avoid flames in general? Or is that too much to even
> wish for? ;)

Dream on! ;-)


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