Re: What is GNOME office?

> Unfortunately, this thought process doesn't work well in the current
> GNOME corporate expansion.  Corporations that are considering investment
> into GNOME will want to know which application is the "official"
> component of GO, when two or more exist.  Companies need to assure that
> their payroll dollars are being invested in the most productive manner
> possible, and this means a single sanctioned suite in most cases. 

Well tough 

> on the dual licensing they've applied to OpenOffice.  A purely GPLd
> package like gnumeric is unlikely to receive many Sun dollars even if
> adopted by the foundation board.  This type of duplication, where

And a non pure GPL code which requires you give sun right to misuse your 
contributions is not going to get contribution from many hackers.

It is inappropriate for the gnome foundation to dictate what is 'official'.
It has no mandate for this. It is even more inappropriate if it tries to
force people to contribute to projects that have non-free strings attached.

Certainly if the Gnome foundation is going to tell hackers to work on code
that Sun require you dual license in a non free way to them I believe we should
stop referring to it as a free software project and should disassociate from
the FSF so that the truely free KDE project can instead be endorsed by them


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