Re: What is GNOME office?

Actually, this brings up another much more generic discussion we should discuss
on the board:

	A process/policy needs to exist to control/approve press releases that 
	Gnome foundation members make where they reference the foundation.

This class of problem has certainly been a major headache that W3C had
to work its way through, and all my neurons tell me that it will
be a problem for the Gnome foundation.
					- Jim

> Sam TH <sam uchicago edu> writes:
> >
> > Given this (which is clearly the correct decision) maybe the board could
> > suggest that some members of the advisory board and the pr team not act
> > as if the decsion had already been made.  I'm thinking here of documents
> > like
> >
> >
> >
> I think the board should discuss asking Sun to change this. John Heard
> isn't going to be at next week's meeting; I would suggest we put this
> on the agenda for the week after that, which would be Nov. 28 I
> believe. Unless Thanksgiving gets in the way there somewhere.

Jim Gettys
Technology and Corporate Development
Compaq Computer Corporation
jg pa dec com

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