Re: What is GNOME office?

> We need to face the fact that we don't have a competitive productivity suite,
> that it's a *major* hurdle in our move to make GNOME *the* free desktop of
> choice, and agree to focus our energies on deliver ONE kick-butt suite that
> includes a wordprocessor, spreadsheet, presentation package, charting tool,
> painting program, personal organizer suite, maybe web-browser.  And I know this
> is a controversial item, but I do think that the wordprocessor, spreadsheet and
> presentation packages should be primarily built on the OpenOffice code base.

Since I don't actually use a word-proccessor or a presentation package,
I can't comment on those, but I fell that I need to comment on the
spreadsheet.  I'm a pretty heavy-duty spreadsheet user for about 8
years, first with Lotus 1-2-3, and later with Excel.  I've got both SO
and Gnumeric available to me, and I can tell you that while neither of
them is good enough to replace Excel for my complex spreadsheets,
Gnumeric at least works right more of the time than SO.
Before we go too much further on this thread, I suspect that I've gotten
off-topic for the foundation-list, but I'm not sure where this should
go.  Please try to do a better job directing replys than I did, if you
can.  Thanks,


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