Re: Some people I once met ...

Hi Maciej,

On 2 Nov 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Actually, I find it surprising that unlike the other lists posted so
> far, which tried to balance and limit corporate affiliation, Michael's
> list included 5 Helix Code affiliated people, 2 Red Hat affiliated
> people, and 1 Eazel affiliated person.

        Sorry, perhaps I should have made it more explicit. You may well
be the right person for the job; but I prefer to vote for any or some of:
people I know, have met, discussed stuff with, are old time Gnome
contributors and I know I can trust.

> Michael Meeks <michael helixcode com> writes:
> >     Also it seems I mostly voted for Helix Code people, but then I
> > think we have a dream team of authentic Free software fanatics, and
> > a chunk of the original core of the Gnome project working for us. You
> > can't really be ashamed of that.

        I think the above explained it well, so let's run that again.

> Fortunately the number of people affiliated with any one company who
> may be elected to the board is limited to 4, but nontheless, I hope
> other voters will pay more attention to balancing their votes.

        The thing is that I am not confidant that I will win. Perhaps my
'blatant demagoguery' is not up to your standard :-) so ... I was thinking
that if I encourage people to vote for 4 Helix people who I think would be
great, and then myself ( about whom I have a rather biased opinion ), then
there is a chance that 4 of my votes would still be a blow for freedom and
cause for rejoicing among all right thinking people everywhere ... =)

        Does that explain it ? then again, as I explained, posting ones
list of candidates just seemed like an invidious fashion. I can't imagine
you were hoping to unduly influence people by posting yours were you, and
if you could not influence people then me, a lowly hacker posting is
likely to have little effect. Fret not, I suspect you loosing my vote is
not overly significant in the grand scheme of things.

> >     Yours in amused anticipation of the results,
> Likewise.

        I'm looking forward to wishing you all the best with your new
executive position, Personaly I'm eyeing up the post of Chief Assistant to
the Assistant Chief.


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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