Re: polarization

Hi,  even though Bruce Perens was not a significantly direct GNOME contributor,
given his status in and contribution to Free Software, it may be good to have
him on the GNOME Foundation board.  Given GNOME is in heavy competetion 
with "the other guy", having Bruce Perens directly on the side of GNOME 
should be valuable and contribute to GNOME's position.

Similarly the Sun representative should be elected as well, even though 
he has not contributed to GNOME the way the "long time" people have.  
GNOME needs to have Sun's voice heard directly on the board if there will
be hundreds of Sun people working on GNOME.

Just one view

> No, I haven't been involved in GNOME development on a regular basis. 
But I've
> been a very public GNOME supporter from day one and _hope_ I've 
helped GNOME
> that way.
> I think I've helped convince Sun to GPL StarOffice. I wrote a paper 
on it that
> you can read at . This 
> widely publicized and helped convince the Linux community that 
> Free Software" wasn't free enough. I suspect this is moot as most 
people have
> already cast their votes.
>         Bruce

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