Re: Some people I once met ...

Michael Meeks <michael helixcode com> writes:

> 	Also it seems I mostly voted for Helix Code people, but then I
> think we have a dream team of authentic Free software fanatics, and
> a chunk of the original core of the Gnome project working for us. You
> can't really be ashamed of that.

Actually, I find it surprising that unlike the other lists posted so
far, which tried to balance and limit corporate affiliation, Michael's
list included 5 Helix Code affiliated people, 2 Red Hat affiliated
people, and 1 Eazel affiliated person. Fortunately the number of
people affiliated with any one company who may be elected to the board
is limited to 4, but nontheless, I hope other voters will pay more
attention to balancing their votes.

> 	Yours in amused anticipation of the results,


 - Maciej

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