Re: polarization (Was :Eleven good candidates)

On Wed, 1 Nov 2000, Chema Celorio wrote:

> Ali Abdin wrote:
> [....]
> > Now I think we might see some polarization (where people go and vote for
> > somebodyt just because they trust the judgement of the GNOME hackers)
> I agree with you Ali.
> I think it was somewhat ditstatefull that Owen, Havoc & Maciej came up
> with "Here is my list". It is not the same to saying "Vote for Foo
> Smith,
> he has this and that abilities and would make a good board member"

How is this different from someone handing out how to vote cards at
government elections?  They have listed a group of people they think would
be good for the board, and nothing more.


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