Good Candidates

Hi all-

Since some people have started endorsements again and it's getting close 
to when the elections are going to be over I would like you to consider 
some of the non Gnome "bigshots."

* Dan Mueth -  He is currently our "Faithful Leader" of the Gnome 
	Documentation Project.  Dan lead the Gnome 1.4 doc release, getting 
	all the docs for gnome-core, gnome-applets, and gnome-utils ready 
	with a little help from other people.  He has endorsed DocBook as the 
	standard for all open source documentation projects.  He has started 
	the Scrollkeeper project, a project designed to read meta-data from 
	dcoumentation, which will be implemented by the LDP, KDE, and the GDP. 
	He has been instrumental in getting some hacker's interest in 
	making the new help browser in Nautilus.  He has also integrated all 
	the documentation people from Helixcode, Eazel, and Sun seamlessly 
	into the GDP.

* Kjarten Maraas -  He has started the Gnome Translation Project and currently 
	translates applications and documentation into Norwegian.  He has 
	been instrumental in getting people from around the world to, not 
	only, translate documentation, but also to get others interested and 
	start translation teams in many different countries.  He has organized 
	and helped to develop tools to make the translator's work much easier. 
	I think that he will give the Board a much needed international 

* Arlo Rose - He has given Nautilus a solid User Interface (UI) and plans to 
	expand his UI work to encompass all of Gnome applications.  He has 
	been involved in UI development for Mac, writing the MacOS 8 Human 
	Interface Guidelines, and will continue working on the User Interface 
	for Gnome.  I think that UI is a very important aspect for Gnome and 
	think it should be represented on the Board.  I think he would be the 
	voice of the common user and promote their interests, something 
	Gnome cannot ignore, IMHO.

I won't bother to give a list of people who I would vote for because the 
rest of the candidates would mirror the lists Havoc and Maciej has posted.  
But I believe these specific candidates should be given some special 

Eric Baudais

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