Some people I once met ...

Hi Guys,

	Since it seems to be fashionable to flash ones voting list in
public ( and I'm such a fashion victim ), I was thinking I might put
the following forward on the day. I'm not so foolish as to think that
I can rationalise every choice. Marketing people know that typicaly
people don't make rational choices, they just rationalize them later
:-) and I can't be bothered with such self deception just now:

Miguel - clearly; he's da boss.

Kjartan - strangely missing from many lists, coordinates the
	  invaluable work of translation ( mostly unappreciated
	  by Americans :-)

John Heard - The man everyone loves to malign publicly it seems.
	Ok; so here is my plug for John;

	* The guy is really friendly and honest.

	* He read great swathes of both KDE and GNOME source
	before reccommending Sun went with Gnome.

	* He is a hacker in a high place in Sun, not just some
	trumped up marketing guy.

	* He has been instrumental in the release of the
	OpenOffice source code, and these guys continuing and
	increasing involvement with Gnome - ie. he has already
	demonstrated a huge commitment to Gnome.

	* Please vote for him, it is vital to have John's clout
	on the board.

George Lebl - A really funny and clued up chap, only met him
	recently but we got on well, managed to wind up Rasterman
	at the same time; must be good.

Michael Meeks - Not sure about this one, bit of a wierdo,
	strange beard, outspoken, some unpopular opinions, hacker
	not politician.

Federico - Fix It ! a friend, and a man of many talents both
	musical, gastronomical, typesettingical and source
	romancingical ( and probably some more I havn't noticed yet )

Ettore - EEEEetttttttooooreeeee' a hero of modern times, witty,
	suave, Italian, sophisticated, a hacker and an incredible

Owen - blunt, focused, technicaly astute, un-missable.

Martin Baulig - I'd vote for him if I thought he wasn't going to
	win hands down anyway :-) perhaps I will anyhow.

Elliot Lee - nice chap, a legend of type unsafety, experienced in
	doing the things that matter in ORBit land. ORBit2 will
	be crucial to the success of Gnome 2.0, he gets my vote.

James Henstridge - Because he has contributed a lot, and is far too
	modest to boast about it enough.

Tuomas - I just like Tuomas a lot, and he's my Christian Bro. how
	could I get away with not voting for him. Oh, and I think
	I heard he did several hundred unpaid hours on graphics,
	you might like to vote for him he's nice.

Drat, that's 11 people already, anyhow I'll keep rambling, since
everyone else seems to and it's only bandwidth afterall. Either
way at this point I start to consider doing a land grab on the
moral high ground by not voting for myself so I can include these

Chema - Nice guy, representing all things printing-wise, since
	most of gnome-libs in 2.0 has been subsumed either into
	gtk+ or bonobo :-) it seems that printing stands out as
	an as yet un-snaffled technology, and a funky one at
	that. Sounds a bit rational; bother.

Daniell Velliard - running low on adjectives here, so I think
	Daneiel's long experience of serving the free software
	community speaks for itself. I appreciate his advice

And some other people:

	So I'm not voting for several opther people, who have a
perfect right to feel offended etc. but heh, I told you it wasn't
rational so probably you're the best guy for the job anyway; cheer up.

	Also it seems I mostly voted for Helix Code people, but then I
think we have a dream team of authentic Free software fanatics, and
a chunk of the original core of the Gnome project working for us. You
can't really be ashamed of that.

	Yours in amused anticipation of the results,


 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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