Re: Foundation summary

Bart Decrem wrote:

> For example, Eazel was created several months before we were
> comfortable announcing ourselves to the world and putting our source code in
> Gnome CVS.  So we went directly to Miguel and, later, to the Red Hat folks
> and dealt with them.  We needed a confidential forum to get to know the Gnome
> community and get advice on how to join the community.  

I don't understand this statement.  Are you saying that Miguel and
RedHat were instrumental in causing Eazel to post an introductory e-mail
to gnome-list?  In my recollection, that is how Eazel joined the

Could you elaborate on the types of insight you were looking for from
Miguel and RedHat, and how that would be more appropriately provided by
an elected group of hackers representing all the major GNOME companies,
and maybe a token charity hacker or two?

Please excuse my sarcasm.  I'm honestly trying to understand what types
of private corporate discussion this foundation board will be engaging
in.  Were you deciding between KDE and GNOME?  How did you expect to get
to know the Gnome community from talking to a few people, and how will
this be any better when the few people are the board of a foundation?


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