Re: Foundation summary

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> to meet a number of needs
> that aren't being met by the current structure, 

In response to Havoc's latest call for participation, let me try to
express the basis for my apathy about the foundation.

What needs are currently not being met?  Gnome 1.2 shipping a month
after the original target discussed on the mailing lists?  Donations not
having an avenue to flow into the project other than into the coffers of
helix, eazel, and whatever startup announces next week?  Sun not having
a body to call upon to force acceptance of their office suite into the
community at large?

How will the foundation be more effective at coordinating the content
and release of future versions?  I don't see this in the document.  Will
I stand up and toe the line because I'm now hacking under the auspices
of a foundation?  

How will the foundation distribute donated funds?  Will it employ
hackers?  Tech writers?  Will it redirect it to the companies?  Will it
send me a tall stack of cash for my next bonobo patch?

If I understood why a foundation is needed, maybe I'd be more
interested.  I personally don't understand how any of the well thought
out organizational strategy specified in the 3rd Draft proposal will
unlock any substantial value for the project.  In fairness, I also don't
see it doing any harm, which may account for some of the disinterest
being witnessed in the community.


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