Re: Foundation summary

Alan Cox <> writes:

> > some statement of the general intent of the foundation. The election
> > of the board and approval of the bylaws are both after LWE.
> We shall see. And if I stand for its dissolution and lose then the whole
> foundation is vindicated in its existance. Which is good

Since boards have to run as a slate, you'd have to find at least 6
other people who agree to run with you.

However, I would like to discourage you from doing this. We are trying
to find a better way to organize our project to meet a number of needs
that aren't being met by the current structure, and instead of
providing constructive suggestions, you are just threatening to be a
spoiler. I don't think that's a fair way to proceed.

I did think we were rushing things, but the current plan of action
assuages the worries I had.

 - Maciej

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