Re: Some comments

* Jim Gettys ( wrote at 01:08 on 28/07/00:
> Another example: a (major) vendor may be thinking about donating code 
> or other technology to the project.  The vendor cannot get press coverage 
> if it isn't "news".  This is the way the press works, for better or for
> worse, BTW.
> So a vendor would like to keep it secret until announcement, but also need
> comments for their press release.  Right now, this means that at best there
> are approaches to individuals, which I think is a much worse situation
> than to a board (which may involved.
> Solution: limited confidentiality...
> This kind of thing has come up again and again over the history of X (there 
> were large donations by various vendors, including the X11 sample server 
> in the first place by Digital), and will with Gnome, and is coming up 
> with Apache.
> So there are times confidentiality is needed, and I'm skeptical of how
> far in advance you can forsee the circumstances.

Hmm - how about some sort of stipulation that after <X> (6 months, a year,
two?) that if somebody requests the confidential material, well they have the
right to get it.

A kind of mini 'Freedom of Information' act. That way the public can know that
there is no 'conspiracy-thing' going on. 


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