Re: GNOME Foundation and FSF/GNU

Hi, I don't mean that FSF shall have control over the GNOME Foundation.
That's why I suggest the scenario of the GNU Project having two organizations:
the FSF and the GNOME Foundation. This will change the picture of GNU that 
normally associates directly with the FSF.
In the new scenario, RMS is the spirital leader of the GNU Project, 
regardless of his position as the president of the FSF, and he does not directly
run GNOME; the GNOME Foundation does.

> But the Gnome foundation would be totally independent from the FSF and the
> FSF would have no control over GNOME.  I don't think that's that different from
> Helix Code or Eazel developing software that may be part of the GNU project.
> Bart
> > Will the GNOME Foundation for GNOME be similar to the gcc steering committee
> > for gcc?  And will the GNU Project encompass more than one organization for
> > the first time in GNU's history (given that the GNU project itself is not a
> > formal organization)?  Thanks for any info on this.
> >

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