Re: Some comments

Ali Abdin <> writes: 
> Hmm - how about some sort of stipulation that after <X> (6 months, a year,
> two?) that if somebody requests the confidential material, well they have the
> right to get it.
> A kind of mini 'Freedom of Information' act. That way the public can know that
> there is no 'conspiracy-thing' going on. 

It won't work. 

 - companies won't provide confidential info under those terms
 - individuals with embarassing personal info or whatever won't 
   like those terms
 - if it's legal information, then there's no way to know 
   when it will be legal/appropriate to make it public

If we have all kinds of regulations about this, it's just going to
make it hard for the board to function, create stupid flamefests and
bureaucracy, etc.

The bottom line is, the whole foundation is based on the board
cooperating with the members and everyone trusting each other; and if
we elect people we don't trust we have bigger problems.


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