Re: GNOME Foundation and FSF/GNU

Andy Tai <> writes:

> Hi, I don't mean that FSF shall have control over the GNOME Foundation.
> That's why I suggest the scenario of the GNU Project having two organizations:
> the FSF and the GNOME Foundation. This will change the picture of GNU that 
> normally associates directly with the FSF.
> In the new scenario, RMS is the spirital leader of the GNU Project, 
> regardless of his position as the president of the FSF, and he does not directly
> run GNOME; the GNOME Foundation does.

Since I know very good that a lot of people have big problems with RMS, yes,
I agree.

Personally, I only see this as a "political issue". I mean, I won't like it
if the FSF had any "control" over the GNOME Foundation because I know that
a lot of people would have problems with it.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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