Re: [GF] initial slate - european part

Juantomás García wrote:
> Hi,
> Bart Decrem wrote:
> > I agree with Juantomas.  Also, I'd be most happy to provide whatever
> > assistance the group of folks in Europe would like to help with the
> > creation of the EGF.  I know it's a lot of work.  Perhaps our experience
> > setting up the GF can be of help to you.  Let me know,
> Ok now in EGF we need to reorganize the previous efforts to make
> an status list and fixed the exactly point we are. Afterwards sure we
> can reuse the 'components" GF had developed ;-)
> I'm talking personally but I supose that the people suscribed in the
> GF list can share this  and were are ready for more comments.

Sure. I am waiting to reach a planning to start working with our
community in and keep new volunteers to help us in the EGF. I think
we can do a great work here in Spain. But we need, as Juan Tomás has
we need a status line in order to start working.


-- Alvaro

> Anyway thank you very much.
> Best Regards
> Juantomás
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