Initial slate - #2


well, no matter how the discussion about when to make
the election goes - let's continue with my proposal of
an initial slate.

I updated my a)-h) a bit according to the feedback I got
in the meantime.

To make it a bit more clean, I'll also fill out some more
of the square brackets.

Here's draft #2 of it:

a) a strong advocate of Free Software [Miguel]
c) at least four or five "core GNOME hackers" and at least
   one of them who's familar with the overall release process
d) someone who was very active on this list and has shown
   regular interest in the foundation [Bart]
e) someone representing the documentation project [Dan Mueth]
f) someone representing the translation project [Kjartan]
g) someone representing the "user's side" [...]
   (ie. someone who's familar with the wishes of users)
h) someone from Europe who can give european people the
   feeling of being represented in the foundation (and
   who's familar with marketing, shows etc. there)
   [<being worked on on the european list>]
i) some "expert" like Jim Gettys [Jim Gettys]

Some notes:

a) can basically run as the chairman of the foundation
   [and we certainly want to have Miguel on the board]
b) the board runs longer than a release, so we shouldn't
   choose people according to whether they're release
   coordinator of a particular release or not.
c) [basically 5 important people from the current steercom]
d) we need to have someone on the board who has a strong
   interest in the foundation itself
g) and h) may be one and the same person
i) hmm, isn't that what the advisory board is good for ?

Comments are welcome ....

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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