Re: some issues about membership

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000 17:38:17 Bart Decrem wrote:
> OK, we need to resolve the issue of whether to elect a board of directors
> before August 15.
> Let me try to articulate the pros and cons:
> 1.  We should elect the board of directors now.  The Steering Committee
> has been operating for 6 months now without having been elected.  Lots of
> things are happening (such as Sun's announcement last week) and we need a
> body that can legitimately represent Gnome.  Creating the board now will
> speed up the process of getting the foundation up and running.  We are
> sufficiently clear on what the charter of the foundation will be that we
> can communicate that to people and allow them to elect a board of
> directors.  'Membership' in the foundation simply means that you have a
> right to vote on a slate for the board of directors, so this is not a
> hugely complicated decision to make.  Havoc suggested this approach and I
> think Nat and Miguel, among others, are comfortable with proceeding this
> way.

I wouldn't have any problem with just doing a rubber-stamp vote for moving the
Steering Committee's members on to the board of directors as long as the time
until elections would be held is clearly defined.  This may extend the period that
the member's of the board want to serve so I guess it would be up to them if
they would like to be reelected or not.  If any member wouldn't want to serve on
the initial board they their seat would be up for inital probationary appointment
by other members of the inital board.  The probationary appointment would be so
that the board could be formed quicky.   The inital board of directors would
only be in power until a certain time for an election process to be devised and
membership in the foundation claimed.  I'm not good with timelines but doing the
first "general" election after LWE sounds best, its really not something we
should rush into.

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