opening up the advisory board

Hi everyone,

It seems like there's consensus that the Advisory Board of the
foundation should be wide open to any company or organization that wants
to join.

The Advisory Board will be the forum for companies or organizations to
interact with the foundation's board of directors.  Non-profit
memberships will be free but corporate members will pay $10k or $20k

The corporate Advisory Board members will include Red Hat, Eazel, Sun,
Helix Code.  Unless people object, we are going to do outreach to a
number of other big companies and encourage them to join in time for the
August 15 announcement.  These would be companies that aren't
necessarily picking Gnome over KDE or making a major contribution to
Gnome, but rather they would be signalling that they support Gnome.  The
goal would be to sign up 3 or 4 of such companies (we're thinking of
leading computer OEMs).

Let me know if you have a problem with this.


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