Re: election plans

Nat Friedman <> writes: 
> > I propose that nominations for slates must be in by August 2, and the
> > vote is on August 9. (These are totally random dates, but hey we have
> > to pick some.)
> Ok, this will mean that we need to make sure that everyone has had a
> chance to join the membership by then.  I know that a lot of publicity
> has been done about this, but we should probably put this on
>'s front page, and on Gnotices.

I'll post Gnotices as soon as we have a date; for, I'm
not sure how it works (maybe ask Joakim to do it?)
> How long do we give people to vote?  One day is probably not long
> enough.  The timeline otherwise looks good to me.

Good point. How about vote August 5-10. That gives us time to count
before LWE. I think we'll have to count manually, unless someone
writes up some software really quick like. We'll need a disinterested
vote-counter or two.


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