Re: Corporate Stuff

George <> writes:

> On Fri, Jul 14, 2000 at 10:44:56PM +0300, Ali Abdin wrote:
> > Nat's idea was no ONE company have over 50% membership on the board. But lets
> > look at the issue. That way GNOME can never be controlled or dominated by any
> > 'combination' of companies (lets say Eazel + Helix have some sort of corporate
> > alliance and managed to always get 51% of the vote).
> I think we can always place stricter limits on the board to make company
> controll even harder.  For example:
> The board can have at most 2 people from a single company.
> The board MUST have at least 2 people not hired by a company involved with

I think both of these restrictions might make it too hard to make a
representative board. Picking someone who can't really represent a
core package just to avoid the company rules would be
 - Maciej

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