Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.


What you say makes sense.


Martin Baulig wrote:

> This is bad. When the local foundations are just for redirecting cash,
> then we basically don't need them at all.
> Also, I don't like the idea that the global foundation is the only one
> which the ability to make press releases since this'd mean that the local
> ones can't even make press releases which only cover local topics.
> As I already stated before, I find it very important for the local
> foundations to be sovereign in at least the following topics:
> * GNOME shows:
>   -----------
>   It should be sole responsibility of the local foundation to decide at
>   which shows in their area the GNOME team should be represented.
>   This is a thing which the local foundations will know best about and
>   it doesn't make much sense for someone who's in the US all the time to
>   decide about a GNOME show in south africa, for instance.
> * Dealing with local user groups and such:
>   ---------------------------------------
>   The local foundations will know best about local user groups and it
>   should be possible for such local user groups to contact their local
>   GNOME foundation to get an authoritative statement about GNOME in
>   their area.
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