Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

Nat Friedman <> writes:

> > >     Public Image and Voice
> > >     -----------------------
> > > 
> > >        The foundation will be the sole entity with the ability to make
> > >        official  public statements for GNOME,  such as press releases.
> > 
> > Whuich foundation the US one or the european one ?
> The virtual global superentity.  The local ones are just for
> redirecting cash.

This is bad. When the local foundations are just for redirecting cash,
then we basically don't need them at all.

Also, I don't like the idea that the global foundation is the only one
which the ability to make press releases since this'd mean that the local
ones can't even make press releases which only cover local topics.

As I already stated before, I find it very important for the local
foundations to be sovereign in at least the following topics:

* GNOME shows:

  It should be sole responsibility of the local foundation to decide at
  which shows in their area the GNOME team should be represented.

  This is a thing which the local foundations will know best about and
  it doesn't make much sense for someone who's in the US all the time to
  decide about a GNOME show in south africa, for instance.

* Dealing with local user groups and such:

  The local foundations will know best about local user groups and it
  should be possible for such local user groups to contact their local
  GNOME foundation to get an authoritative statement about GNOME in
  their area.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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