Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

[the public gnome-list added to the CC list]

> Yes there is. Can you honestly say that having a debate on gnome-list
> is a useful decision-making process?

That is why a foundation-list was created, so people interested in
discussing the foundation could join the list.  No strings attached.

I was not aware that this foundation list was a petit comite list, and
given that this is of extreme importance for the future of GNOME, it
does not really belong to the hands of a few people to choose who can
participate and who can not.

The proposal that Nat wrote grew out from the frustration of looking 
at what was being presented on the foundation-list: a bureaucracy was
being laid on top of GNOME (hence his section on `work on top of the
current structure that we have now') and the attempt to make the
foundation a cathedral (various posts were moving in this direction).

The typical argument against making the foundation list open is `Look
at GNOME GUI list, many people with opinions that disagree with each

For the GNOME GUI list example, I can show another 30 mailing lists
devoted to special interest groups within GNOME that discuss a wide
range of topics that have been very effective and are open lists.


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