Re: The role of LWE San Jose

Alan Cox <> writes:

> This is better I think. And the true gnome steering committee the technical
> one is the sum of all foundations

I guess this is another possible fork in models. Personally, I think
if the steering committee is independent of any specific regional
foundation, it should be picked to represent code constituencies, not
geographic constituencies. I don't think we should set aside a given
quota of seats for each continent for instance. Even if the steering
committee is separate from the board of the (US), it should not be
seen as in any way representing the regional foundations.
> > it. Note that to some this could be seen as an advantage, not a
> > drawback - the technical people are kept doing technical stuff and
> > making technical decisions, and the more management-type tasks are
> > done by, well, management types.
> With Linux International that tends to be what happens. Actually its an
> ideal example of the 'and nobody listens' case ;)

I've never heard of LI do anything but issue press releases about
itself, so I don't think that is a good model to follow.

 - Maciej

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