Re: The role of LWE San Jose

> Model #2
> * GNOME Foundation US incorporated in the US
> * Board of the GNOME Foundation US is a mix of hackers and corporate
>   representatives and possibly other sorts of people, and essentially
>   appoints itself.
> * The Steering Committee is elected, and makes technical decisions,
>   but has no real legal existance.
> * Other regional fundations have a mostly independent existence.

This is better I think. And the true gnome steering committee the technical
one is the sum of all foundations

> it. Note that to some this could be seen as an advantage, not a
> drawback - the technical people are kept doing technical stuff and
> making technical decisions, and the more management-type tasks are
> done by, well, management types.

With Linux International that tends to be what happens. Actually its an
ideal example of the 'and nobody listens' case ;)

LI has a technical board and a board of directors. The latter is the political
legal (boring) dept. The technical board advises them on technical issues (ie
can summarise complex technical issues and provide guidance on the choices
and what their impactd are)


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