Re: Planning releases

Maciej Stachowiak <> writes: 
> Many people have proposed this. One question I have is who gets to
> propose a slate. Can any group that wants to form a slate? Is the
> slate for the next board picked by the existing board, and they only
> need to come up with a new one if the slate they came up with is
> rejected?
> There is a special case of the slate for the initial board of course,
> since there is not really a previous board to pick it.

Open questions, I have no real idea. Probably hinges on the membership
> Although I think the two half-members we have now are silly and both
> should be full members. Maybe we should make the size 10 or 11 to
> avoid future oddities.

If you make the number larger, you can still get half-members. I think
if we had a formal selection process George and Jacob would just have
to decide which of them would do it (and it would be pretty easy,
because we have the election process etc.)

We could maybe have a provision for sending a proxy to meetings.


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