Re: Planning releases

Havoc Pennington <> writes:

>  1. The board is elected as an entire slate by the membership

Many people have proposed this. One question I have is who gets to
propose a slate. Can any group that wants to form a slate? Is the
slate for the next board picked by the existing board, and they only
need to come up with a new one if the slate they came up with is

There is a special case of the slate for the initial board of course,
since there is not really a previous board to pick it.

 - Maciej

>  4. The board has 9 members (why not, it seems to work well for the
>     steering committee)

Although I think the two half-members we have now are silly and both
should be full members. Maybe we should make the size 10 or 11 to
avoid future oddities.

 - Maciej

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