Re: Project Hosting [Was Re: Minutes of the GNOME ...]

On Sun, 2000-12-03 at 18:44:18, Alan Cox wrote:

> I think a fundamental issue is being overlooked here. If we have no remotely
> centralised CVS how are translators going to function. How is things like
> mass document conversion for nautilus going to be organised.

Thanks for mentioning translators in the discussion about ACLs and CVS
Few days ago someone proposed creating some script to allow updating
translations without CVS access and then removing "unneeded" accounts.
I'm one of the GNOME translators so let me ask you something. There are
lots of files needing translations: famous .po files, files in .desktop
format (.desktop, .directory, .profiles (gnome-print), .soundlist,
.gnorba (deprecated?)), .keys files (for gnome-vfs), lots of documentation
in SGML format (placed in many directories) + images, files in XML format
(.sheet (dia), .oafinfo (hopefully soon)), text files (gimp_tips.txt
in GIMP), some application specific files (desc.* files in Gaby), etc.
As I understand, you want to create appropriate script for _every_ file
format (also for all new formats in the future) and hire someone to manage
lists of these files (imagine adding translations to tens of new
screensavers) and write new scripts?


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