[fdn-ann] press release re-organizing

Hi everyone,

Well, we're now facing the GOOD problem where so many people are joining
the Gnome Foundation's Advisory Board that the quotes are fast becoming
unwieldy.  Confirmed members of the advisory board now include: Sun, Red
Hat, Eazel, Helix Code, IBM, HP, Compaq, VA Linux, Gnumatic, Henzai,
Free Software Foundation, with at least 2 more nonprofit's in the hopper
(OMG and Debian).

I spoke with Greg tonight (he's out of town tomorrow) and we're leaning
towards putting all the corporate quotes on a quote sheet (page 2) as
suggested by Nat.  I don't think the overall message of the press
release will change, but I wanted to let you know in case the press
release is going through an approval cycle at your company.

Greg will probably have a revised press release on Wednesday sometime.
Please let me know if this creates a major bottleneck for you, or if you
would like to step up to the plate and edit the press release tomorrow
to accomodate these proposed changes.


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