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Subject: Draft of Sun quote for GNOME press release
Date: Wed, 02 Aug 2000 13:23:42 -0700
From: brett smith <brett.smith@Sun.COM>
Organization: Sun Microsystems
To: Barbara Heffner <bheffner@chenpr.com>, Bart Decrem <bart@eazel.com>
CC: Russ Castronovo <Russ.Castronovo@eng.sun.com>,LEILA CHUCRI
References: <3974A0E0.F006F337@Sun.COM>


Here's our proposed quote. Please note this is a draft and I still need
to get Marco's approval (he's on vacation this week.)  I'll send you the
final, approved quote as soon as I have it.

Thanks for your patience,
Brett Smith
StarOffice PR Manager
408.517.6822 (phone)
brett.smith@sun.com (e-mail)

"Sun is thrilled to be joining the GNOME Foundation and we plan to adopt
GNOME as the future desktop for Solaris," said Marco Boerries, vice
president and general manager of webtop and application software at Sun
Microsystems, Inc.  "We are committed to contributing significant
engineering resources to the GNOME project and will work closely with
the other GNOME members to ensure continued reliability and quality."

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