[fdn-ann] GNOME Invite list + RSVPs so far

Attached is the list of the reporters we have invited to the GNOME press 
conference.  We've invited everyone listed under the "Trade" tab and we are 
waiting to hear back on the pre-briefs strategy to contact the business 
press. Status of the RSVPs is also included at the bottom of the email.

If you would like to follow up with a particular reporter, please let us 
know so that we don't contact the same people twice. We plan on following 
up with everyone on the list if we don't hear back from them via email.

Also, a couple of reporters are not able to attend the press conference but 
would like to schedule some time to speak with Miguel. Please let me know 
if we can arrange for meetings with them. These reporters are:

-Dominique Deckmyn, Computerworld. Would like a pre-briefing for a preview 
article he is writing and which is scheduled to appear on Monday August 14.
-Bob McMillan, editor of Linux Magazine. He would like to do dinner with 
Miguel for an interview on GNOME which would then be published in Linux Mag.
-Jack Wallen of TechRepublic. He has a conflict and would like speak with 
Miguel at the show about GNOME.


InformationWeek: Karyl Scott
Maximum Linux / XML Journal: Malcolm Dean
the451.com: Rachel Chalmers
LinuxDevices.com: Rick Lehrbaum
Gamespy.com: James Hills
Interex: Michael Ehrhardt

Computerworld: Dominique Deckmyn
Linux Magazine: Bob McMillan
TechRepublic: Jack Wallen

Beyond Computing: Paul Berk
Beyond Computing: Eileen Feretic
ComputerLetter: John Verity
Freelance: Barbara Stahura
OpenSourceIT.com: Dan Orzech

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks and best regards.
Phone: 650-357-8749
Fax: 650-357-8754
Email: croux@chenpr.com
AIM: cecilejroux

Gnome 8-2.xls

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