Board of Directors Elections 2018 - Candidacy - Allan Day

Name: Allan Day
Email: aday gnome org
Corporate affiliation: Red Hat

Hi all,

I'm announcing my candidacy for the upcoming Board of Directors
elections. I've served on the board since 2015. If I were elected, it
would be my forth term on the board.

I feel that I've been an effective member of the board during my time
as a director. My achievements include:

 * Serving as vice-president and recently as secretary. I've also
acted as line manager for our Executive Director.
 * Helping to set up the legal and financial arrangements so we could hire Neil
 * Doing a fair bit of work on our Advisory Board meeting preparations
 * Documenting a lot of our procedures and policies, particularly
around trademarks and expenditure

Were I to be elected, I'd have the following priorities as a director:

 * Foundation expansion. The big news is that, thanks to the amazing
support of an anonymous donor, the Foundation will soon be in a
position to expand its operations. This will be a major shift for both
the Foundation and the GNOME project. My priority will be to ensure
that we establish an environment in which new staff members and
contractors can fulfil their maximum potential. I'll also work to
ensure that the Foundation continues to be transparent and fully
integrated with the GNOME community, as it expands.

 * Policy-making and transparency. Over the past year, the Foundation
Board has worked to take a more legislative approach, so that we are
increasingly setting policies and budgets rather than making lots of
one-off decisions. However, there is a lot of work still to do - our
existing policies can be improved, and it's not always easy to find
out which policies exist.

 * Code of conduct. I'm committed to ensuring that initiatives in this
area are supported by the Board of Directors. I'm aware that this can
be a divisive issue and I want to make sure that it is handled in as
an inclusive and fair manner as possible.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to find the time to make substantial
contributions to the Foundation, but I can commit to doing the
necessary routine work.

I should note that I'm unable to attend GUADEC this year, so won't be
able to attend the annual in-person meetings.



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