Board of Directors Elections 2018 - Candidacy - Meg Ford

Name: Meg Ford

Email: megford gnome org

Corporate affiliation: Mitel

Hi Foundation Members,

I am running for a third term as a member of the Foundation Board of Directors.

I have been a Foundation Member since 2011. I joined after participating in the second round of the Outreachy (formerly Outreach Program for Women) internships.

This year I worked on an initiative with the Mozilla Foundation's Open Source Clubs to teach college students to contribute to GNOME. We are currently working on setting up A/B testing using the Newcomers Guide, and in the coming year we will continue to work with clubs on campuses to study how to best interest, educate, and retain new contributors. I am particularly excited about this initiative since it will provide us with in-depth data about how to engage and retain contributors.

I have also worked this year on various trademark and licensing issues, finding grants to provide the community with more servers, and negotiating a contract with MapBox so GNOME Maps can avoid future service interruptions.

If I am reelected I hope to continue to work on increasing diversity and making GNOME a welcoming project for everyone. There are many changes coming as a result of the new influx of grants, and the resultant expansion. I hope to help provide continuity through the changes, and to represent the best interests of the community in the coming year.



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