Board of Directors Elections 2017 - Candidacy - Carlos Soriano

Name: Carlos Soriano
Corporate affiliation: Red Hat
IRC: csoriano

Hello Foundation members,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for first term as a GNOME Foundation Board member.

As you may kwnow I have been involved in the newcomers experience, community involvement and growth of the GNOME project.
As an example of this work, I created the newcomers initiative (followed with invaluable help from other people) which involved documentation, technical work and constant daily communication with new people comming to GNOME.
I was also part of the discussions and work behind the recent research for alternatives for Bugzilla and cgit, with the ultimate goal of improving the prosperity of the GNOME project.

I believe I can help the GNOME project researching new initiatives that require the board support that could help with the engagement of people into the GNOME project, and at the same time, help the board with being more proactive with such initiatives and the general growth of contributors.

Carlos Soriano

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