Board of Directors Elections 2017 - Candidacy - Nuritzi Sanchez

Name: Nuritzi Sanchez

Corporate affiliation: Endless

Hello Foundation members,

I'd like to announce my candidacy for a second term as a GNOME Foundation Board member.

During the last term, I served as President and Chairperson of the Board. As such, I helped run meetings effectively and make sure that we remained focused and efficient both in and out of meetings. I also made the meetings upbeat and inclusive, making sure that we leveraged all of the Board members’ areas of expertise to help work on the various issues we dealt with.

Like Allan, I also played a non-trivial role in hiring our new Executive Director and helping to research our ability to hire a non-US employee (previously we have only hired non-US contractors). I took the lead on keeping the process moving forward and maintaining communication with all parties involved. During this term, I also helped represent the Engagement team’s voice at Board meetings and help the Board think about how our policies affect our growth strategies. This resulted in beginning to change our financial policies around how we approve budgets for small events.

This first year serving on the Board was an introduction to what kinds of things the Board is usually tasked with and what is and isn’t possible. If elected to a second term, I’m eager to spend the next year proactively supporting the Project with a deeper understanding of what we can do to help. I think we can do some great things especially around our financial policies to help support growth, and I’m eager to carry that work on out.

Thank you for your consideration.


IRC: nuritzi

Nuritzi Sanchez 
President, Board of Directors

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