GNOME Foundation Board candidacy: Joanmarie Diggs

Name: Joanmarie Diggs
E-mail: jdiggs igalia com
Affiliation: Igalia, S.L.
More about me:

I have contributed to GNOME for the past five+ years as a developer and
maintainer of the Orca screen reader and as a member of the GNOME
Accessibility Team. For most of those years, my GNOME-related work had
to be done evenings, weekends, and holidays as a community contributor.
Joining Igalia in October 2011 has made it possible for GNOME
Accessibility to become part of my DayJob, which in turn has given me a
very precious commodity: spare time. I would like to spend some of that
time serving on the GNOME Foundation Board.

Should I be elected, I would be happy to work in most areas, and feel
that I could lend a hand wherever the more senior members of the Board
see fit. Beyond that and, of course, accessibility, I would like to see
GNOME working actively with colleges and universities to facilitate the
integration of Free Software development and philosophies into their

Thanks and take care.

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