Candidacy: Brian Cameron

Name:        Brian Cameron
Email:       brian cameron oracle com
Nick:        yippi
Affiliation: Oracle

I have great passion for advocating free software.  I think this is a
common bond that ties all of the different people in the GNOME
community together.

I am excited to run for a 4th term on the GNOME Board of Directors.  The
past year has been busy as the board has been working hard to make the
GNOME 3 release exciting and successful.  Now it is time for some
follow through, and I anticipate that this will keep us busy the coming


 * I have been a part of the GNOME community since January, 2001 (almost
   10 years!)
 * I have over 18 years of experience as a UNIX programmer and
   technical documentation writer.
 * I am affiliated with Oracle where I work as a senior engineer on the
   OpenSolaris Desktop team.
 * I have served on the GNOME Foundation board since December, 2008 and
   acted as secretary the past two terms.
 * I have been the maintainer/co-maintainer of GDM since 2005.
 * I have regularly attended GUADEC and Boston Summit conferences since
 * I live in Chicago in the United States.


I am highly motivated and have time to invest to make The GNOME
Foundation successful.  I have passion for working with the GNOME
community, and I have a good working relationship with many people in
the GNOME and free software communities.

I am especially proud of the following accomplishments over the past
term on the board:

 * I have been effective acting as secretary, keeping quality minutes
   of GNOME Foundation meetings that seem to encourage good
   discussion.  I have worked to keep The GNOME Foundation Wiki
   better organized.
 * I encourage the humanitarian aspects of the GNOME project, such
   as accessibility and creating the developing-world mailing list.  At
   last year's GUADEC, for example, I worked with the OLPC and Sugar
   projects to create and distribute a co-branded t-shirt highlighting
   how GNOME and free software really helps people in need.
 * I act as the legal contact for The GNOME Foundation and am the
   point of contact for the pro-bono lawyers who work with us.  This
   involves things like taking care of contracts, and other documents
   that require legal involvement.
 * I acted as Stormy's manager until she left the position, and have
   worked on the ED Hiring Committee with Stormy, Og, and others
 * I have helped to ensure that GNOME events continue to be
   scheduled and run smoothly.  I was involved with making the
   GNOME.Asia Summit and GNOME 3 hackfest a success, for example.
 * I have been active on many community mailing lists to help keep
   things moving smoothly in a positive direction.

If elected, I will continue to work hard to ensure that GNOME provides
the best free desktop accessible to everyone.  Thank you for
considering me.

GNOME Rocks,

Brian Cameron

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