Candidacy: Bastien Nocera

Name:         Bastien Nocera
Email:        hadess at hadess dot net
Nick:         hadess
Affiliation:  Red Hat UK Ltd.

After my maiden year on the Board last year, I feel that I have a better
grasp of what my position should be within the GNOME Foundation Board.

I have been able to get the MeeGo/GTK+ contract going, for which we
should see a summary very soon, and helped with getting the EU events
box replaced, and started discussions with various companies about GNOME
using their web services. I've also been involved in various smaller
tasks about keeping GNOME's trademark intact (usually relating to logos
and websites with GNOME in the name).

I believe that my remit is to handle discussions within the Foundation
Board related to developer relations (though not politics so much :)


I hope that Germán Póo-Caamaño will be running for the board again this
year, as I can see nobody in a better position than him to run our
finances, and I would really enjoy Paul Cutler running as well, as we
seem to have connected on the path to take for a number of hard
decisions that were made on the Board this year.


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