Candidacy: Lionel Dricot

Name: Lionel Dricot
Nick: ploum
Mail: lionel lanedo com or ploum ploum net
Affiliation : Lanedo

About my GNOME involvement

My GNOME journey started in 2004. I wrote documentation, did a lot of
bug triaging and helped to spread the word about GNOME. Slowly,
I started to contribute small patches everywhere while, at the same
time, doing usability testing.

My contributions became bigger with my involvement in some
GNOME conferences (as a speaker or as a booth helper) and the
development of Getting Things GNOME!.

In 2009, I became a GNOME foundation member in order to have a rebate on
the GNOME FOSDEM t-shirt.

Why am I running?

I believe that the current board is doing a great job and that GNOME is
an amazing project which carries a lot of business opportunities.

There are, usually, three kind of contributors to the GNOME project:
individuals, big companies that use GNOME (or part of it) in their
products and small companies that earn their living by supporting the
whole GNOME stack.

I consider that those small companies are an important part of the GNOME
ecosystem and should be represented on the board of directors.

I propose myself as the voice for those small companies, existing or
yet-to-come and represent all the GNOME entrepreneurs.

My employer, Lanedo, support this initiative. My bosses agreed that I,
as a board member, would try to be as neutral as possible. I will defend
the interests of every GNOME companies and even encourage the creation
of new GNOME companies. I will abstain in votes where my neutrality
cannot be guaranteed.

I want to achieve to make obvious to anybody that all the GNOME
technologies (including GTK+) are technologies adapted to a commercial
product and that high quality commercial support exist for them. I hope
this will help GNOME to become a flourishing market and a source of job
opportunities for many hackers. 

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