Candidacy: Andreas Nilsson

 Name: Andreas Nilsson
Email: andreas at andreasn dot se
Nick: andreasn
Affiliation: none

I'm Andreas Nilsson, 28 years old, from Sweden. I've been part of the GNOME community since around 2005 and do all kinds of visual stuff for the project. Websites, t-shirts, icons, etc. as part of the Art team and the Marketing team. I run my own freelance design company in Gothenburg and this is my candidacy for GNOME Board of Directors.

Why me:
• By not being a coder I hope to bring a different perspective
• Apparently I enjoy driving hard decisions
• I care deeply about the project

I want to focus on:
• Figure out ways to bring in new fresh blood in the project.
• Try to make GNOME a exciting and amazing place for collaboration and work together with upstream and downstreams to create cool stuff together. • Figure out what GNOME is, wants and could be in regard to the interesting times we live in today. [1]
• Make a better job of telling the world of all the cool things we do.

- Andreas

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