Candidacy: Seif Lotfy

Name:      Seif Lotfy
Email:       seiflotfy googlemail com
Nick:         seiflotfy
Affiliation: None

   Hello, I'm Seif Lotfy, I have been using GNOME since 2004
and participated starting 2007. I enjoy being part of the community and
enjoy spreading GNOME.

  I initiated Zeitgeist and GNOME activity Journal, and dedicated most of
my time developing them and building a community around both. Now I would
love to start contributing in other parts of GNOME.


 My reasons for running for GNOME board are as follows:

 • As an individual not affiliated with any company I'll bring neutrality to
    the board and advisory board meetings.

 • Encourage more cooperation on design between RH and Canonical.

 • Avoid fragmentation by helping to build consensus around a unified vision
    for GNOME's future to prevent a GNOME divergence into 2.30 -and
GNOME 3 base.

 • Bring up and fix issues with GNOME that are being ignored or

 • Encourage cooperation between distribution communities.

 • Spread GNOME in the middle east and motivate people to contribute
    to GNOME.

 • Build an Arab GNOME community.

 • Work on letting GNOME shell be lead by the community.

 • I stand for innovation in GNOME.

Don't hesitate to ask me questions when the lines are open.

This is me doing some advertisement for my blog

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