Candidacy Announcement

Please consider me as a candidate for the 2002 board of directors
election for the GNOME Foundation.  I'm glad there is a last minute
influx of candidates and I'd like to urge more members to throw their
hats into the ring. Here are my 75 words.

Name: Timothy Ney
Email: ten at gnome org
Affiliation: GNOME Foundation

GNOME Foundation needs the combined efforts of hackers and non-hackers.
Since I first worked with GNOME four years ago, getting machines and
setting up booths and presentations, the developer community and user
base has grown tremendously.  

My contribution is to build bridges and obtain resources needed for
GNOME to successfully continue its growth. Working with the GNOME
community is a great experience and I'd like to continue pushing for
more adoption by governments and schools. 


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